How it all started…

Hi – Just a little about me. My name is Mark Bailey and I have lived in the upstate of SC all of my adult life. I am married to my wonderful wife, Jennifer and together we have 2 adult children. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and as long as I can remember I have been helping around the house as a labor of love to my friends and family. I spent many years of my working life installing flooring and learning about construction from that job and the last 18 years I have worked for a local pallet company – so I also have a strong bend to carpentry & working with wood. Fast forward to December 2017 I was laid off from the pallet shop. It was an unexpected turn of events for me but I knew whining over the situation would not provide an income for my family. So I immediately turned to something I knew I did well and that was helping people around their homes. Honestly, I didn’t know where the new adventure was taking me but I was grateful. Not only was I providing some income for my family I was learning about myself. I learned I loved serving people and helping them with their “to do” lists. I have done a little of everything, from clearing trees off a lot that was hard to get to with a vehicle; as my very first job to recently helping a lady renovate most of her kitchen and bathroom. I have pressure washed, painted, cleaned, cut grass, trimmed bushes, fixed broken closet doors, stopped drippy faucets, hauled off debris, re-screened porches, hung ceiling fans, added a a switch, you name it – I have done it or I can help you find the right person! Before I knew it I had turned this into a full time job and I am loving every minute of it!

Mark Bailey
Mark Bailey/ Owner of Lake Hartwell Handy Man
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